3 Yoga Poses To Achieve Maximum Sleepitude

You’re tired but you can’t sleep. I get it; you’ve got a lot going on and it’s hard to stop your monkey mind from playing with all the thoughts you’d rather not think, all those cringeable moments of mortification, like that time you boarded a flight and the check-in agent said, “Have a great flight!” and you responded, “You too!” How awkward.

Rather than toss and turn, try a few of these shapes to put your monkey mind down for a nap so you can sleep as well.

1. Legs up the wall

yoga3-legs-up-the-wallViparita karani, as it’s known in Sanskrit, is great at any time of day, but especially to wind down from a stressbomb of a day. You’re reversing the effects of gravity, letting tired legs to recharge, allowing blood to more easily flow to your brain, and as an added bonus, resetting your central nervous system to let go of all the shit that the stressbomb unleashed.

Lay down on your Suissly mattress and pillow with your bum against your headboard and walk your legs up until you’re making an L-shape with your body. Now relax. You can hang out here for up to 20 minutes, but even 5 minutes will send you off to the land of nod. Try a few different leg variations to keep things interesting.

2. Supine butterfly

Tight hips, my friend? So have we all. Supta baddha konasana is here for you. Let’s go for 2 or even up to 10 minutes letting it all hang out to get maximum benefits: this pose is said to help soothe stress, pacify lady pains, and may even dulcify mild depression.

Grab your two Suissly pillows and lay down on your Suissly mattress. Bring your feet together and let your knees fall apart. Snuggle your pillows under your knees until you feel a very gentle stretch, but no pulling, in your inner thighs. Cactus your arms overhead or rest your hands on your belly or let them fall anywhere in between. That feeling? That, my friend, is what we call bliss.

3. Supine Twist

Supta jathara parivartanasana literally translates to supine stomach revolving seat. Isn’t that lovely? Yogis can be very literal. Hanging out in a twist on your bed might actually become your preferred sleep position with Suissly pillows supporting you, but even 1 minute on each side can help your body achieve maximum sleepitude.

Lay yourself down and set two Suissly pillows on either side of you, kinda near your thighs. Draw a knee into your chest and give it a hug and push it over to the pillow opposite your leg so that your hips stack, but keep both of your shoulders relaxed onto your Suissly mattress. Extend your arms out to a T or cactus and let your nose point whichever direction it well pleases. Awwww yeah – you’re stretching your back muscles, massaging your abdominal organs, and you might even get a crack or two out of it.

That’s it! Bust out one or all three of these bad boys 10-30 minutes before nigh-nigh and you’ll be deep into REM before you can say ‘namaste.’

Morgan Balavage teaches yoga in Santa Barbara. She prefers Instagram Stories to Snapchat: @morganyoga


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Morgan Balavage

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